Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I'm still around!

Been moving and had issues with the old internet thingie. I could not get on.

Hey, I hear the liberals think the White House was trying to destroy the career of Joe Wilson and that is why the alleged leak happened (I say alleged because everyone knows she was not covert and she had already been outed by her husband and several others in 2003 - the others were not Republicans). Let me ask you something. Why would the WH try to destroy the career of an out of work ambassador? Am I missing something? Hey, get a career and we can talk to you about destroying it!

Why isn't Joe Wilson under indictment? He leaked information that was classified in his op-ed piece. He also referred directly to classified documents in his testimony before Congress - documents he was not cleared to have ever seen. It was an amusing note to see Senators asking him if he wanted to change his testimony since he was referring to classified documents. I wonder who was feeding him those documents, Hmmmm?

22 months for a Grand Jury to get Republicans. Seems kind of over the top considering Sandy Berger got a slap on the wrist for absconding with classified documents in his socks and underwear.

I say the Republicans start fighting back. The last time they started to fight back was when they started answering Kerry's cronies during the 2004 campaign. What was funny about the whole situation was that Kerry was trying to smear with false accusations (forged documents, anyone?) and the conservatives used the truth against Kerry. "I voted FOR the 87 billion, before I voted against it!"). Even the liberal media finally came out and said that was one of the most baffling statements they had ever heard.

Oh, well, we will see.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Things have been a little crazy for me....

the last week or so, so no post from me. It has been crazy in a good way, but it still has kept me from making posts and browsing others' sites as much as I would like.

There have been a few things of note, though. (I won't have any links, but I do have some comments - but brief ones).

1. Charles Rangel (D) rep of NY (from the Bronx) - called President Bush "Our Bull Connor". Maybe the honorable Mr. Rangel does not realize that Bull Connor? Oh, he was a DEMOCRAT. Poll taxes? Put in by DEMOCRATS. The KKK - Southern DEMOCRATS. Slavery? Abolished by REPUBLICANS. Civil Rights? Opposed by DEMOCRATS. And a lot of that stuff is not that distant of history. Robert Byrd (D) Senator of West Virginia probably witnessed most of that with his own eyes when he was Grand Kleagle of whatever Klan he was from.

2. The rest of black politicians? AGREED with Rangel. Pathetic.

3. Bill Maher compared Laura Bush to Hitler's Dog. But, as usual with liberals he had to "explain" it didn't mean what every person who uses common sense could see it really did mean. Oh well, Democrats and liberals are good at backing off of scummy statements after people call them on it. They are cowards when it comes to backing up what they say.

4. Hillary Clinton denounced Georgia's use of "paid for by the state" voting ID cards. Why are they against voting ID cards that are paid for by the government? What are they trying to hide? That illegal aliens are voting for them? Or that people are voting more than once? Which leads me to my next bullet point. Additionally, Hillary was FOR a national ID card for her health plan in the 90s. You didn't get that card, you didn't get healthcare. The card would have also had a computer chip in it with all of your medical data. So, tell me again, why she is now saying that ID cards are unacceptable?

5. New Jersey has tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people registered in their state and another state. They also have a lot of dead people on the voting registers that are still managing to make it out of the grave to vote for, you guessed it, Democrats. When asked to investigate it, the NJ politicians (pretty much all of them Democrats) replied, "This was brought up by Republicans, so it is probably not true". I don't think this needs any more explanation.

6. Dan Rather was on CNN within the last couple of days and he is still living in denial about the forged documents scandal. He keeps saying that people made the focus the forged documents and not the content of the documents. Let us be real clear on this. The information in those documents were never proven BECAUSE the documents putting the info out in public were forged! You lose all credibility when you use forged documents and then stand by them and try to make the argument about yourself and not the documents! The forgeries were part and parcel of the argument because they were the only hard copy of anything that supposedly proved these things happened! No other proof was out there except some Demo hack who had it in for Bush and his statements reeked of hypocrisy, hate, and bias. Jesus, if this is the best the Democrats can do when trying to tear down Republican political figures, it is no wonder they aren't in control of any branch of the federal government. Regardless, of what you think of Republicans policies, they are virtual geniuses when compared to Democrats when it comes to politics, if this is the best the Democrats can do. Sad. The Democrats of today are political lightweights when compared to Truman, Roosevelt, Kennedy (John), and even Tip O'Neill for that matter. These last few years have been like watching Muhammad Ali just beat the living hell out of Joe Frazier in Manila. They just keep coming in, and they just keep on being used as punching bags.

Food for thought, people, food for thought. I could have went on but don't really have the time to do so. I could have went to 12 points or more. These were some of the more important ones.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Pics and Pans

I always liked that phrase. I am using it for my short update.

Let me ask you something, folks. Remember when President Bush was raked over the coals for his inauguration ball (cost of 40 million)? Remember how people said, "He should give that money to the Tsunami victims". Remember how liberals made such a fuss?

Why aren't they asking Hollywood why they threw such an extravagant and lavish "party" last night instead of giving that money to the NO flood relief effort? Aren't some of Hollywood's glamorous people also some of Bush's harshest critics? Why are they not being held to the fire like President Bush was? The emmys are nothing more than a rich man's display of "Look at me! Here I am", while people suffer in New Orleans.

But, hypocrisy never stopped them before, why should it now?

This guy is an asshole. He always has been and always will be. He is a complete and utter liar and that has been proven on many occasions. And yet the MSM gives him a forum whenever he requests it. Hmmmmm. Let me just say one thing directly to you, Former President Clinton. You are an utter asshole. You are a liar. You are a felon. You should be in jail for about 20 felonies or more. You have no moral authority to say anything about the appropriateness of the response to Katrina. Your actions directly led to Osama Bin Laden to think we are ripe for attack and by extension the WTC disaster. Your ignorance and missteps cost us from getting Bin Laden three times in the 1990s when your administration fumbled and bumbled through one crisis after another. You never got to a crisis first regardless of criticism unless you call storming Waco and then blaming Reno for it as "getting to a crisis early". You constantly lie about your record. You never "rebuilt" the military. You cut the military. That is a proven fact. And yet you claim you rebuilt it. You never thwarted numerous terrorist attacks. And yet you claim it. You even had Sandy Berger abscond with classified documents to cover your's and his failures. You let North Korea build nukes under your noses (And Bush you had better learn a lesson from that because you are getting close to letting it happen to you).

So, now I have to listen to how you, Ex President Clinton, would have done a better job and how tax cuts are basically responsible. You had 8 years in office, Predient Clinton, and New Orleans had those poor and pverty stricken people the whole time. WHAT DID YOU DO FOR THEM WHILE IN OFFICE? Nothing. you did not do a damn thing. Your false sympathy now is a sham.

Pretty much like your whole career.

Monday, September 12, 2005

And yet again, another Katrina update! Probably my last on Katrina...

because the Roberts confirmation has started and high hilarity will ensue. Some has already started but all in good time.

Let's go back to Katrina for a reminiscence. Remember how everyone on one side of the aisle (I will leave it to you to figure out which side) claimed that the federal response was too slow? Well, I got news for you, this was the fastest in about the last 6! Yes! We responded faster than 5 other hurricanes!! I cannot claim credit for the find of this story - I saw it on a blog called Mike's America. You should check his site out. He does a lot more research than I do and does a very good job tying it together. Here is the story he foxhounded out. Jason van Steenwyk is a Florida Army National Guardsman who has been mobilized six times for hurricane relief. This story in detail describes how the response to Katrina was better than the responses to Hugo, Andrew, Iniki, Francine, and Jeanne. This is first hand proof that the crap coming from one side of the aisle (again - figure it out for yourself) is nothing more than that: crap.

Also, some of the most despicable race card playing has been used again. Will the Democrats ever stoop lower than trying to say aid was slow (it wasn't) because it was black people suffering? I am not sure there is a level lower than they have stooped to recently. I also saw several other rumors bandied about trying to smear Bush. 1. The blacks were so hungry they started eating the dead (retracted - eventually). 2. Bush used explosives on the levee because he hates black people. (never retracted). 3. Bush caused Pangaea to break apart (ok, I reused that from the many times before). 4. Global warming caused this and we should sign the Kyoto Treaty (global warming did not cause this and Kyoto has been debunked).

Even Jesse Jackson got into the race card business. I think Martin Luther King, Jr. would be embarrassed to see the direction the civil rights movement has taken since his death. Where was the Reverend in the years BEFORE the hurricane? Making yuk-yuks with the likes of Hugo Chavez, Saddam Hussein, and other dictators. But, now he has another cause. Rah-Rah for him. Jesse, why don't you show more sympathy with your brothers before a tragedy happens when it is just them suffering from years of local democratic rule instead of taking up for thugs causing riots in Decatur, Illinois? Do a google search of Jesse Jackson and the brawl in Decatur, Illinois. His movement has lost all direction and no one wants him around. I have a dream that no thug should go to jail - indeed.

Back to Katrina. Why do we need an investigation of it? We didn't have an investigation (that I know of) in Chicago in 1995. Low estimates claim that 739 people died in the Chicago heat wave of '95. Was there no investigation because Bush was not the President? I can only guess that that is the case. Where was the federal help? Where was the outcry that proportionately more blacks died than whites? Is it because Clinton is considered the first "black" President? I would like any liberal explain to me where the federal help was while people died in Chicago.

And what about this? We keep being told what a monster Bush is for letting so many people die. Hell, we are letting people die like dogs in the streets in New Orleans. This would never happen in a great socialist country like say..... France. Or would it? Does anyone remember this heatwave in Paris? How could this happen in such a great socialist country? I thought socialism was for the people to make sure all the people were cared for. "Capitalism blows. Socialism is fair and equal ground for all." I recently saw a liberal state that. I guess it fell apart this time and was like that despicable capitalism.

I am just wondering if there is any liberal out there who can discuss this issue without going into their patented "I blame Bush for everything" mode. Especially when they have been proven wrong over and over and over. One of these days they might just realize that the blame game only backfires.

2000 and 2004 proved that pretty convincingly.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I'll be brief and let the jackassery speak for itself...

Reid and Pelosi.

Congressman Moran. Why can I not google his diatribe on the relief efforts in which he called the situation "institutional racism". And why can I not find the article about him assaulting an 8 year old black boy because he thought the 8 year old boy was stealing his car? And why can I not find the article where he states that the Jews pushed us into the War in Iraq? Media Bias indeed. I don't remember any of the MSM reporting on any of his stories. Probably the first because every time a Democrat speaks like that, they further marginalize themselves and thereby create a situation where they are less and less relevant. The other two portray a Democrat in a bad light so we could not have that, but yet we all hear constantly about Pat Robertson or Barbara Bush or other stories not even close to this guy's nonsense.

Kanye West and the NFL. The NFL needs to dump this guy and fast. Can you imagine a white guy saying about black people what West said about whites and President Bush? Oh, we don't have to imagine it, we can just remember the feeding frenzy when Al Kampanis made his comments, or Jimmy the Greek, or Howard Cosell. What West said was as bad or worse as every one of them. Remember the uproar that the NFL caved to when Rush made his comments about Donovan McNabb? Where is the outrage now, NFL???????????

More Democrats.

This crap is getting ridiculous. You want to know why this country is divided? Because the Democrats never fail to see an opportunity to attack President Bush for anything they can. They make all excuses they can for the Mayor of New Orleans and the Governor of Louisiana and throw every blame at Bush.

Why does the MSM concentrate on what Barbara Bush says but ignores what RFK, Jr. says? I am glad the MSM is dying out and the U.S. public will raise a shout of joy the world has never heard before when the last of the MSM turns out the lights. This is the reason the Democrats lost the last election. And will keep losing elections. The U.S. public is sick and f-ing tired of the Democrats blaming every damn thing on President Bush and giving the other two involved a pass.

The published emergency policy was not even followed people!!! Written in the freaking policy is basically the message, "If you go to the Superdome, you are on your own. Bring your own food, and anything else you need. It will not be provided for you." But you don't hear that on the news. All you get is Senator Leahy gumming out, "Why didn't we send water, why didn't we send food, why didn't we send ice?" Because the people in charge who just happen to be Democrats screwed up - so much that you have nothing to say other than blame anyone else but the people responsible!!!!!!!!!

Wake me up when the Democrats are relevant again and not speaking out of their ass. I bet I beat Rip Van Winkle's record.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Name change

When I started, I just picked whatever popped into my mind, but a nugget of thought has been growing about where I really wanted to go with my blog and also what I wanted it to be.

Hence, I have changed the name to Common Sense. I believe that common sense, logic, and reason can be applied to any situation and bring forth solutions, if possible and available, or if not that, then at least understanding. I am huge into applying common sense to anything and everything I do and so this seemed to be a good name to use.

I realize it was also the name of the articles written by Thomas Paine. I can only hope I can come close to his genius in the written word, but I make no assumptions that I will - only that I will try.


Katrina, Race, and Politics

I didn't really think I would posting again so soon about Katrina, but events dictate it so here I go.

I just watched a clip from a Katrina relief show and a several actors were discussing the situation in New Orleans. Michael Myers (Wayne's World, Austin Powers) was discussing how the landscape had changed and that there was a lot of suffering going on in New Orleans. The person with him Kanye West (have no idea what he has been in, and I don't really care to see him in anything either) launched into an emotional dialogue about how we have been turning away from New Orleans and he kept saying "The black people there". Kanye West is a black man. This topic of the speech could easily be seen to make Myers slightly nervous and was directly different than his calm approach. Kanye then said that the troops had been given the authority to shoot the black looters and that the white looters were being described as just "looking for what they needed to survive". Myers took up the microphone again and spoke again about the devastation and then it went back to Kanye West who had one line: "George Bush is trying to kill black people". They then cut away to Chris Tucker (Rush Hour 1 and 2) who was really taken back by this comment and it had also made Myers look really surprised and nervous.

I do not know how to put into words how reprehensible this kind of talk is. "President Bush is trying to kill black people". This statement is so ridiculous that one must ask if Kanye West is completely in control of his faculties or is he some raving lunatic who should have never been given a chance to voice such irresponsible and, I hate to say it, but downright stupid thoughts. If George Bush wanted to kill black people, I think he could come up with a better way than waiting for a Hurricane to hit New Orlaeans and then just kill the ones there.

Which brings me to another point. New Orleans is 2/3 black race. This is a fact. The majority of people suffering are going to be black people. The news shows mostly black people on their shows. It also means the majority of looters will be black people as well. This notion that the news channels are only showing black people as looters because of some racial bias is just nonsense. This notion that many have that the aid was late (I'll get into that more in a minute) because it is black people (I literally heard people like Wynton Marsalis say if it were white people the aid would get there quicker) is just bullshit (pardon my french). I have heard several black people say this on T.V. Even some of the black caucaus (Elijah Cummings) played the race card and basically said the aid was late because it was black people suffering.

FEMA had the aid ready to go into New Orleans as soon as the hurricane moved on. They did NOT foresee (maybe they should have since it had been reported as such for many years that this would likely happen) that New Orleans would be under 20-25 feet of water. They were not prepared for that eventuality. This was why the aid was late. Not because of some racial bias. Black people need to lose THEIR racism that makes THEM believe this kind of bullshit. I hate to have to put it like that, but in my opinion it is racist of them to make this assertion. It will only hurt race relations (something they always say we need to do better at) and will cause anger and deep distrust on both sides.

Recently, I made the comment that Guliani would have done a better job than those two buffoons the NO mayor and the LA governor. I was told "Don't bring politics into this". Well, excuse me, I didn't even know they were Democrats. I was told later they were and the people informing implied that I DID know. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, there, compadre. I was comparing somone who was competent during a crisis, Guiliani, to two people who have been incompetent, the mayor and the governor in the recent tragedy. It is not my fault that it split along political lines. And if we really want to take politics out of this, why doesn't someone tell Robert Kennedy, Jr. to keep his mouth shut on global warming just one or two days after Katrina hit.

One final issue. I keep hearing this phrase on the news. "The poor did not have the resources to evacuate so that is why they were stuck in NO". This is a copout explanation. The mayor called for a mandatory evacuation. I got into a discussion with someone who said that NO did not provide a way for those people to evacuate. I disagreed even though I did not know for sure. But, my position was, "He would not call for a mandatory evacuation without giving the poor and destitute a means to get out". So, I went back and looked at the news article in which it was reported he was calling for that mandatory evacuation. In it he says that buses will be provided at checkpoints throughout the city and that, if necessary, vehicles could and would be comandeered to evacuate the poor. So, if they were caught in NO then they can really only blame themselves because they DID have the means to get out. They just did not take advantage of that means provided to them. Assessing blame should start at this salient point.

That is all I have to say at this point. No witty last remark just the plain hard facts as related above.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina... or "Why Bush was to blame for this, too!"

Katrina was the big one. No not the one Fred Sanford was clutching his heart for in every episode of Sanford and Son. The big hurricane. The mother of all devastations. The King Kong of hurricanes.

Picture this. A category 5 (the highest category there is) is bearing down on New Orleans. We are in trouble, folks. Call out the National Guard, call out the FBI, call out the military. And the New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin calls for a MANDATORY EVACUATION! So, people stayed anyway. In Mississippi and Alabama, too. And a lot died and a lot are homeless and many are refugees along the roads in Louisiana. And the anger is starting to come out in them. "Why don't we have water, why don't we have food, why aren't we being evacuated". Well, that is because you ignored a mandatory evacuation and now they cannot help you. It is impossible for them to get aid to you fast enough.

And you know whose fault it is? George Bush. Yes, people, that's right. The liberals are already blaming him. I never thought I would see the day, but I guess nothing should surprise me anymore. They pull out some bill where he cut funding for those levees in New Orleans by 20%. As if 20% funding would have stopped a category 5 hurricane. Let me tell you, folks, from personal experience with the ocean and the sea, anything man made, no matter how strong, can be destroyed by mother nature using the ocean as her tool.

The Germans and some liberals even went so far as to say that we deserved it because of global warming. "Katrina should be a warning to the US about global warming". Thanks, guys, we knew we could count on you to make some wild ass statement about global warming. I wonder if global warming also caused this numbing disaster? That's right. Well, maybe we could go back in H.G.Wells' time machine and stop the industrial revolution and see if that helped anything. I doubt it. The Kyoto Treaty and Accord were based on false assumptions. Both have been debunked. The data supporting each was erroneous.

So, we all understand that global warming is happening, but the wacko left thinks that car pollution is the major cause. I guess if we had data going back more than 100 years (you do know the world was created 4.5 or so billion years ago! The Big Bang theory says it was even longer at 15 billion years ago!), we might know if this were true. But, since the data was erroneous and has been debunked and the historical data only goes back 100 years, I tend to think they do not know enough about it yet and to completely remake our economy for something they are not sure about is complete folly.

Add to that a new study came out that in about 50% of all experiments, scientists make false assumptions and come to false conclusions, and all of a sudden you are venturing into the Wild Ass Guess arena, commonly known as WAG.

Robert Kennedy, Jr. weighed in on the topic. He claims that God may have punished Missisippi because Haley Barbour wrote a memo to George Bush that seemingly changed George Bush's mind about global warming. "Perhaps it was Barbour's memo that caused Katrina, at the last moment, to spare New Orleans and save its worst flailings for the Mississippi Coast". Robert Kennedy, Jr. should realize that no Kennedy should make jokes about water killing people. Just as Teddy should never give swimming lessons to anyone. Robert Kennedy, Jr. also said "The science is clear" about global warming. No, Bobby, the only thing clear is that the Kennedys are still bumbling around the political stage making any ridiculous statement they can to try and smear Bush and Republicans.

I guess at this point it would be in bad taste to say that all the deaths in the Kennedy family were God's punishment on them for Joe selling his soul to the devil to put John F. in the President's chair.